The main purpose of Agriculture Loan is to assist Agriculturists and farmers to increase their productivity and earn better income. The loan under this category appraised and sanctioned against satisfactory collateral & guarantee based on the following product features;

  1. Eligibility: Any individual including members of legally formed groups and cooperatives.
  2. Purpose:
  1. Purchase of farm equipment such as tractor, power tiller, etc.;
  2. Purchase farm land/orchards;
  3. Construction of fences to protect the crops;
  4. Purchase of seeds, saplings, manures and any other agriculture inputs;
  5. Establish new livestock /dairy / (purchase of livestock, livestock feeds and care facilities);
  6. Construction of Green House facility in the community; and
  7. Setting up of cold storage.
  1. Rate of Interest: 18.50%  p.a
  2. Tenor: Maximum of five years.
  3. Quantum: Maximum of Nu.500,000.00 (five hundred thousand).